Miners increase their Mining Power by joining as a Swapper!

As a registered Swapper, you have exclusive access to TrūQoin Catches and will receive additional TrūPoinsts™ for the current TrūQoin mining block.
The Swapper benefits exponentially grow your TrūPoints™ from several Multipliers "Multi's".

The reward for consistent Swapper Activity is an exponentially growing percentage of the cuurent mining block of TrūQoin. Only Swappers can Get Catches of TrūQoin. Swapper Multipliers "Multi's" are applied to Swapper Activities of getting Catches. All Multi's are applied to the amount of TRON in the selected Catch.

There are 3 Multi's that Increase your Catch TrūPoints

CatchMulti - Increases by 1 for each Catch obtained in a Mining Block.
BlockMulti - Increases by 1 for each consecutive Block a Catch is obtained.
SizeMulti - Selected when a Catch size selected.

You must first be a TrūQoin Miner to be a Swapper.

TronLink Wallet Verification

Verified as by TronLink wallet address: Connecting
Verified as by TrūQoin Miner: Verifying